The Maui Earth Day Festival

did not get a suitable venue for 2024.

Sad but true.  We hope to have a venue for 2025

Instead the smaller non-commercial Earth Day Plant Spirit Feast

is happening in Haiku on a private farm.

For details, go to:


2nd Annual Community Supported Agricultural Gathering
Earth Day
Plant Spirit Feast
Sunday, April 21st, 11am to sunset

Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm, 4504 Hana Hwy, Haiku, Maui
Non-Commercial.  Limited Parking.  Please Carpool

Ecstatic Dance noon-2pm

Ag Seminars & Workshops
Medicinal Herb Garden Tours
Farm to Table Food Trucks
Nursery Plant Sale
Barter Circle
Local Entertainment
Keiki Fun Zone
Healing & Wellness Services

For More Detail and Registration, go to:

or call/text 808-268-1211


Very Tentative Schedule:

Temple Stage

11:00   Plant Spirit Meditation Followed by Garden Tour

11:30   Acro Yoga with Lauren

12:00   Ecstatic Dance: Maui Presents Ecstatic Earth Orchestra

2:05                 Mirayah Delamar Belly Dance

2:20                 Dreaming Bear Poetry

2:50                 Mirayah Delamar Soul Songs

3:35                 Aly & Eli

4:20                 WolfChild

5:05                 Captain Kirk and the Kolaborators

6:05                 Ras Cas & Kalolū feat. Messenjah Selah

7:00                 Shoshana B & friends

9:00                 Crazy Fingers

10:10   Trill LeBeau


Outdoor Stage

11:00   George Kahumoku, Jr

12:00   Opening Ceremony with Alalani Kuhina Hill

12:30   Tanama Colibri

1:15                 Jolene

2:00                 Exergy35 Team / Kalimaya

2:45                 Adrian, Tanmayo & the Natural Mystics

3:30                 Joe Marshalla & friends

4:05                 Keiki Dragon Parade with Kalimaya leading

4:15                 Joy Iyasha: Drum and Dance

5:00                 Benji Fox

5:45                 Karli Jo Valentine

6:30                 Luka


Workshop Tent #1

11:00   Alisha Shanti Chauhan – The Waters: Fluid Intelligence & Feminine Rising

11:45   Hoku Kahokulea: Native Canoe Plant Stories & Legends

12:30   Jon Moose -Proactive Land Management: Tree School

1:15                 Jeremy Saffron- Natural Skills for a Sustainable Future

2:00                 Brian Lehto of Bio Temple -Medicinal Plant Chemistry: Alchemical and Shamanic Approaches

2:45                 Migesh “Sir Cobalot” -Techniques of Earthen Cobstruction on Maui

3:30                 Spice Prince- Medicine Man Wisdom Share

4:15                 Adrian Avacado & Tanmayo -Mycology: How to Grow Mushrooms

5:00                 Steve Phillips – No Mainland Food? Local Food Security Solutions

5:45                 Bruce Douglas – How the Lahaina Fire Windstorm was Engineered

6:30                 Chase of Tropical Fungi Academy – Fungi: A Permaculture Perspective


Workshop Tent #2

11:45   Tina Lia of Hawaii Unites – Update on the Engineered Mosquito Releases on Maui

12:30   Lele Simon – Ahupua’a: Personal and Communal Prosperity

1:15                 Mason Scharer – Coco Fran Weaving 101

2:00                 David Bersh of the Radiance Center – Ku’i’ai Pa’i’ai: Poi Pounding

2:45                 Benji Fox Food Sovereignty on Maui: Building The Garden Party Life

3:30                 Ida Kemsley – Pure Waters: Haven on Earth

4:15                 Ras Cas & Jesse – Maui for Peace in Palestine

5:00                 Ahmad Sawalmeh – Go Local Solar Powur

5:45                 CJ Grace – Healing Breast Cancer: Reduce Risk and Stay Sane

6:30                 Special Surprise!