2015 Line-up



10:00 Opening Ceremony with Lei’ohu Ryder 15
10:15 The Generation Gap 40
10:55 speaker 15
11:10 Gail Swanson 30
11:40 speaker 20
12:00 Megan & the Good Vibrations 40
12:40 speaker 5
12:45 Sacred Earth Dance Troup 15
1:00 Tubby Love, Jus Wright & Amber Lilly 40
1:40 speakers 20
2:00 Keiki Parade across main stage to dome 10
2:10 Garth Gilchrist- story teller John Muir 25
2:35 speakers 20
2:55 Keiki Parade and Keiki on stage 15
3:10 Exergy35 Chi Dance Troupe 10
3:20 Joe Marshalla Band 40
4:00 Dreaming Bear 15
4:15 Haiku Hillbillys 40
4:55 speaker- Mauna Kea 15
5:10 Yousoupha Sidibe 40
5:50 speaker 5
5:55 Makana live via Skype 15
6:10 The Luminaries 40
6:50 closing talk 10
7:00 end
10:00 Travis and Band 45
10:45 tweener 15
11:00 Jivatma 60
12:00 tweener 15
12:15 Jerome James & Ajna 30
12:45 tweener 15
1:00 Monkeys with Drums 35
1:35 Uma Butterfly 10
1:45 Bee Born 25
2:10 Keiki arrive from parade 40
2:50 Keiki leave to main stage 0
2:50 tweener 10
3:00 Poni & Lokahi – Troublemaker 30
3:30 tweener 15
3:45 surprise 30
4:15 Mystical Alchemy- Donnie & Heather 30
4:45 Kaliyani 30
5:15 Manaka 30
5:45 Ma Bliss 30
6:15 Shoshana B 45
7:00 end 0
Locals for Local Change Tent

Our Locals Team will be hosting several interactive activities to inspire creativity, gather wisdom, motivate action and leave participants with next steps. Our team will be available throughout the day to share and take questions. Please come!
12-2pm: Design for Change – A creative collaboration whereby a group of people will be guided to identify ‘hot spots’ and ‘bright spots’ in their community, imagine best-case scenarios and then be guided through a process of brainstorming how to reach those goals. As patterns emerge, groups are identified to focus on certain areas and support movement forward.
3:30-5:30pm: Pro-Action Café – A fun facilitated process by which we will circulate 20 to 30 people in the tent to help focus and brainstorm project ideas from our local community leaders. Each group leader should walk out of the room with many ideas, contacts and next actionable steps.
Open Space Activities: all day
Maui Map Activity: A table-sized map of Maui will be available throughout the day to write, draw and mark up with our community’s mana’o. We are looking for people who know of streams that have dried up, endemic and/or invasive plants hidden in valleys…any collective wisdom we can gather to help us better care for our island!
Acoustic Hawai’ian Style Music: Maui’s own Pat Simmons Jr. will be gracing the “Locals” tent with ukulele, guitar and original vocals throughout the day.
Living Compass, Maui’s most exciting new school for Earth Centered education and sustainable living will be demonstrating a few of the skills they teach their students: cordage making, fire by friction and palm leaf creations.
Gratitude Tree: We have created a gratitude tree where people can share their favorite memories, success stories and high points from Maui’s own People’s Movement in honor of one of our tools called Appreciate Inquiry.
Aloha ‘Āina Power Corner is where you can find the most important and current issues, sign petitions, write letters or testimony or find out who to call regarding specific issues. Learn what’s happening on Maui and make your voice heard!

Keiki “Blessing” Village Schedule

10:00- 10:10 Opening Prayer for the Earth (focus on what we want to see!)
10:10-10:30 Embracing Mother Earth: Animal Stretching w/Kalimaya
Yoga w/Lila Zambo
10:30-12:30 Chi Ribbon/Tribal Sticks Dancing w/Kalimaya
Self Defense/Street Awareness w/Exergy35 Team
12:30-1:00 Didgeridoo Lesson w/Forest
1:00-1:30 “Earth Blessing” Nose Flute & Drums w/Master Shen
1:45-2:00 Parade Gathering/ Relax Screen Tent open for Nap Time
2:00-2:10 Parade #1 Celebration with Ribbons, Ti Plants, Hats, Signs
2:10-2:50 Performing Arts for Keiki in Dome
2:50-3:10 Parade #2 Celebration to Main Stage
3:10-3:20 Main Stage; Children Perform” Earth Blessing” w/Kalimaya, Kahi Woods, Master Shen, and Forest
3:30-4:00 INSPIRING Story Telling; Mother Earth
4:00-4:30 Contest for the most inspiring “Earth Day BLESSING Statements” to Help Motivate and Raise Worldwide Community Awareness !
4:30-5:30 Recruiting Chi Ribbon Dancers for Haiku Ho’olaea’a Festival

Throughout the day there will be face painting, puppeteering, games, and brainstorming as to what we can do to bless and help our Mother Earth.

Keiki Schedule in Dome – 2pm to 3pm

2:10pm Parade arrives from main stage
Animal Stretching (warm ups) w/Kalimaya
Story-telling – Ukulele Kid
Preschoolers – Song “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse”
Children Speaking w/Shen
Song – “I Love You” w/Shen (nose-flute)
Song w/ Elijah; leads parade back to main stage
2:50pm Parade heads back to the main stage
Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm Blue Mountain
Amigos Authentic Mex Jesus Ortega
Angel Green Angel Green
Big Wave Organics David
Coconut Keefer Icecream Daveed Kusac
Da Local Banana Melisa & Sommer
Farmacy Inock and Malik
Grandpa’s Fruit Only Sorbet Alan Gorg
Green Smoothy Gangster Petra
Hawaiian Super Foods Elijah
Jini’s Curry- Fiji Indian Food Jini / Sarojini Harris
Lilia Biniaris bread Lilia Biniaris
Living Water Myles Saputo
Mangos Brian- volunteer
Maui 8th Wonder Tacos Lilly
Maui Cane Juice Andrew Zehnder
Maui Rainbow Tea Alena Danskikh
Mystic Garden Tanmayo
Olinda Organic Coffee Farm Rob & Martha Lund
Star Anise Indian Cuisine Uma Dugied

AmeriCorps MEO Martha Flores, program coordin.
Amma Benefit Achintya / Kaliyani
Blue Aina / Marine Affairs and Policy Kelly Montenero
Bonnie Marsh, N.D. Naturopathic Doctor
Contact Improv Jacob Leonesio
Department of Aquatic devision jeff kinores
Doorway Into Light Bodhi Be
Hawaii Health Connector Nikki Baysa
Holy Vortex Foundation Jesse Christian
Justice for Brian Murphy Kevin Lash
Living Aloha Magazine Carlos Garcia
Maui Chem Trail Awareness Lisa Modika
Maui County Office of Aging Nikki Baysa
Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project Jay Penniman/Victoria Stout
Maui Vision Magazine Eric Richter
Ocean Defender Foundation Oriana Kalama & Malinda
Sea Shepherd Deborah Bassett
Somatic Energetics-Michel McBride Lisa Buell
Stop Smart Meters Hawaii Debra Green, Richard and Dave
Whale Trust Deborah Bassett / Azi Pirniat
Wild Foods on Maui Sunny Savage
Amma Benefit Kaliana
Hospice maui Kimber
Clean Energy Maui Chris Mentzel
Body Alive Yoga Rachel Gonzalez
Dept. Land and Nat Res – Enforcement Clarence “Matt” Yamamoto
Haiku Community Assoc Haiku School Jennifer Oburg -Star Bright Program
Heartistry Leslie Kerr
Maui Aloha Robert Lucas
Maui Dharma Center Laura
Maui Garden Providers Aurelio
Maui Humane Society Josephine Sempanco
Vegan Outreach Jon Camp
Whale Song.org Dan Sythe
Women Helping Women Stacy
Bonnie March, Naturopathic Doctor Bonnie Marsh
Living Aloha Carlos
Electric Transportation Advocate Christine L. Andrews, J.D.
Maui Farmers Union United Bill Greenleaf,

Baba John tie dye clothing
Bohemian Boutique Gentry & Gwen Gorge
Clothing Monica
Didjeridoos Forest
Elizabeth Parker Elizabeth
Gary Landis Gary Landis ??
Hoku Kai Creations Jennifer Vander Veur
Kaimana Creations Crystal Douglas
MaBliss Mandala Arts
Natural Pain release Elizabeth Rose
Peruvian Items ?? LizaLila
Sa’arah /Green Lotus Sa’arah
Sky Love sky love
Yoga Swings Allowah

Ed Branagan Shiatsu
Ethan Sisser healer
Helga Fiederer
Somatic Healing Michael Mcbride