The 23rd Annual 2020 Maui Earthday Festival has been transformed into the 2020 Virtual Maui Earthday.  It will happen live online on Sunday, April 26th, 2020 from noon to 8:30pm using Zoom and Facebook Live platforms. 


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The format will be 30 live presenters representing a variety of Maui and national environmental and social awareness organizations giving 5 to 10 minute presentations.  This will alternate with 20 live Maui and international musician giving 5 to 10 minute musical offerings. 

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Mahalo, Bruce Douglas  


Our wish is to raise consciousness on the environmental and social issues we face as a community with short presentations by the individuals and organizations who are leading the solutions.  Using edutainment, the talks will be interspersed with music by well-known musicians who share the message of Earthday.


Tubby Love & Amber Lilly
Eric Gilliom
Eiljah Ray
Youssoupha Sidibe
Paul Izak
Chris Berry
George Kahumoku
Dustin Thomas
Diane Patterson
Joe Marshalla
The Lambsbread
Chad Wilkins
Fantuzzi & the Flexibles
Anthony Pluke
Crazy Fingers – Scott Baird
Ascension Alchemy – Unity Nguyen
Deborah Dove

   Presenters Schedule

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12:00pm Kumu Alalani Hill Hawaiian Ceremonies Opening Ceremony
12:10pm   Anthony Pluke      
12:20pm Kecia Joy Maui Aloha Project Path of the Water
12:30pm Benji Fox   Food Not Bombs .net Maui Green Riders
12:40pm   Deborah Dove   group song  
  “INTEGRAL HARMONICS GLOBAL CHOIR EARTH DAY 🐸 SINGALONG VIDEO CHALLENGE INVITATION!”        – join  “Caged Birds Sing”        FB group for details!
12:50pm Amy Hodges Maui Nui Marine Resource Council TBA
1:00pm Mark Sheehan SHAKA/SAFE Lets Get Food Distribution Right on Maui  
1:11pm   HighersElves
1:20pm Jennifer Karaca Common Ground Collective .com Foster Farming Project & Decentralized Agriculture
1:30pm Albert Perez Maui Tomorrow .org Saving the Island Remotely
1:40pm   Crazy Fingers – Scott Baird    
1:50pm Rob Weltman ReTree-Hawaii .org We are Planting Trees to Oxygenate the Planet
2:00pm Kelly King Climate Resilience Committee Looking Ahead, Learning from the Past
2:10pm   Ascension Alchemy – Unity Nguyen    
2:20pm Lei‘ohu Ryder Kukuipuka ‘Ohana Living the Spirit of Aloha
2:30pm Bruce Douglas Mandala Eco Homes .com Building Homes in Harmony with Nature
2:40pm   Chris Berry      
2:50pm Jenny Pell Ohana Home Gardens Whats Growing on Around Here?
3:05pm   Eric Gilliom      
3:15pm Josh Del Sol Take Back Your Power .net Science of EMF’s and its Effects on the Immune System
3:30pm   Youssoupha Sidibe    
3:40pm Bella & Raymond Moline Pono Institute .com How to Utilize the Aloha Spirt Law in Times of Crisis
3:50pm Satya Douglas Shaka Movement Co-Founder Transformation of Fear into Love  
4:00pm   George Kahumoku
4:10pm Dick Mayer UH Maui Professor Retired Think Globally, Act Locally  
4:20pm Lucienne deNaie Sierra Club Environmental Justice
4:30pm   The Lambsbread    
4:40pm Clare Apana Malama Kakanilua Protecting Hawaiian Burials from Desecration  
4:50pm Walter Ritte Aina Momona Aloha Aina – Protecting the Earth
5:00pm   Tubby Love & Amber Lilly    
5:10pm Jeffrey Smith  Institute for Responsible Technology The Unprecedented Threat from the New GMO’s 
5:20pm Autumn Ness Beyond Pesticides .org Moving Beyond Pesticides in Maui
5:30pm   Diane Patterson
5:40pm Progressive Candidates State Reps & County Council Introducing Progressive Candidates running for Office  
5:55pm   Paul Izak      
6:05pm Debra Greene, PhD Keep Your Power .org What is 5G (and What it Isn’t)?
6:20pm   Joe Marshalla      
6:30pm John Dobovan HFUU Hawaii Farmers Union United Maui Food Hubs: Connecting Farmers to Your Table
6:40pm Evan Ryan Pono Grown Farms Seeds of Change
6:50pm   Eiljah Ray      
7:00pm Lissa Strohecker Maui Invasive Species Committee 5 Ways you can Stop the Spread of Invasive Species
7:10pm Sunny Savage Savage Kitchen App 5 Edible Invasive Species for you can Eat
7:20pm   Chad Wilkins ZOOM live Meditations with Claudio    
7:30pm Bodhi Be   Doorway into Light .org We Are All Going to Die!
7:40pm Hannah Bernard Hawaii Wildlife Fund Reflecting on Our Impact on the Natural World
7:50pm   Dustin Thomas    
8:00pm Paul Deslauriers Maui Pono Network .org Who will we Politically Empower on Maui? Get Informed!
8:10pm Tommy Russo Maui Time Magazine The Power of Independent Press in a Time of Crisis
8:20pm   Fantuzzi & the Flexibles    


Silent Auction Donations

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Hawaii Tai Chi Ch’uan Assoc Jan 8 weeks of Tai Chi Classes
Talking Hearts Joan Heartfield Relationship Coaching Session
Nansy Phleger Nansy Painting & Children’s Books
If the Shoe Fits Teri Holter Gift Certificate
Luminous Adventures Lucia Intuitive Healing
Niyaso Niyaso Carter Tantric Healing & Audio Course
Kihei Web Design Robert Pickrell Web Design Services
Kapalua Ziplines Ute Finch Zipline Adventure for 2
Gandalf Gandalf African Drum Lessons
SkyeBird Wholeness Skye Healing Arts & Medicinal Foods
Temple of Peace Store Alana Perullo Spiritual Wellness Gift Shop
Beth Hird Beth Hird “Turtle,La Perouse Bay” Painting
Lauren DeBois Bodywork Lauren Dubois Integrated Body Work Session
Devaka Dolphriends Devaka Dolphriends Angel Intuitive Insight Counceling & Reset Session
Temple of Peace Shelley St.John Colon therapy session, nutritional and house consult
Creative Wellness Sandra Acquaviva Massage Therapy & Auric Healing
Alana Cini Alana Cini Didgeridoo Sound Journey & Healing Sessions
Shawna’s Sanctuary Shawna Sanders Private Amba Movement Session
Scott Adam Healing Scott Adam Private Breathwork & Sound Healing Session
Rainbow Jo Michele Joy Sarong
Mandala Creations Satya Douglas Enchanted Wrap
Greenleaf Farm Marta and Bill Greenleaf Citrus, Avo, Banana, Flower and Herb Box.
Jammin’ on Maui Aquadelics Nakoa Heard Face Mask Sets
Steve LaFleur LaFleur Body Work
Kira Enge Kira Enge Inner Child Work
The Maui Flower Girl Nakoa Heard Flower Arrangements
Love Shack Maui Brittany Stewart Stay at Home Romance Basket
Maui Mana Metaphysical Center Heimana Psychic Aura Reading
Laura Van Wagner Laura Van Wagner Clairvoyant Reading and Healing
Marla Henderson Marla Henderson Eco Friendly Interior Design
T.J. Frank Lisc. Accupuncturist TJ Multifaceted Healing
Melissa (maBliss) Verbena Melissa maBliss Verbena Mural Consultation & Design Assistance
Cozy & Spice by Sarah Love Sarah Love Custom Organic Plant Dyed Garment
Mahina Medicina Apothecary Ariel Lokelani Rose Flower Essence, Crafted on Maui
Mystic Mia Healing Arts Mia DiBella Shamanic Bodywork & Oracle Readings
Maui Mana Metaphysical Center Heimana Psychic Aura Reading
Dr. Lew Abrams Blue Mountain Guided Imagery Session
Exergy35 Martial Arts Kalimaya Herrera Martial Arts Training
Highest Potential Michael Jordon Infrared Physical Therapy or African Drum lessons
The Work with Devi Wood Devi River Wood Byron Katie’s Transformational Method
Loving Intention Energy Creation Shen Loving Intention Energy Creation & FlowAlohaCHI
Kalei Engel Kalei Engel Lomi Lomi
Joy the Light Joy Love Akashic Records Reading
Blue Bottle Love Kayden Radhe Blue Bottle Love Packages
Maui Snorkeling Mercedes Madaras Morning 5 Hour Snorkeling Tour
Jammin’ on Maui Nakoa Heard Board Shorts and BeachTowel
See in Motion Kathleen Cardella Sign Language Tutoring & Improve Eyesight Naturally
Kabba Anand, D.Ac Kabba Acupuncture
Scuba Berry Scuba Barry Private Scuba Diving
MASSAGE by MaJiK MaJiK Deep Tissue Healing Treatment
Integral Harmonics Deborah Dove Vocal Empowerment Session
Bryan Debris, Artist, Musician Bryan Debris Haiku Poetry Art
Kabba’s Dancing Medicine Kabba Dance Passes
Maui Conscious Dance Collective Finn and Devi Dance Passes
BodyTalks Monique Smith BodyTalk Bio Feedback Session

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